Complaint Resolution

Bennington Height Tennis Club (BHTC) has a simple complaint resolution process:

  1. Let us know Contact the Club Operations representative of the BHTC Board of Directors by sending an email to Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily by bringing it to attention of a Club representative.
  2. Ask for a further review If the concern isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you may ask to have your complaint escalated for additional review by contacting Club President on Upon receipt of an escalated complaint, your concerns will be acknowledged in writing and an investigation by the full Board of Directors will begin. We may contact you to clarify or request additional information. We may also request additional information from other parties involved, if applicable. We will update you through the investigation and advise you of any action we will be taking.
  3. External Recourse If, after following our complaint resolution process, you continue to remain dissatisfied and wish to pursue your complaint further, please refer to the following Government of Ontario link, outlining which government departments look into different types of complaints against nonprofits, or consult a lawyer: