Court Booking & Guidelines



A Member may book a court up to 7-days in advance, beginning at 8:00am EST (system time). NOTE: System time refers to our online court booking program internal time.

A Member may book a singles court for a maximum of 1 hour or a doubles court for a maximum of 2 hours.
Two names (singles) or four names (doubles) must appear on the booking when making a reservation;

A Member may book multiple courts during their 7-day period.

Consecutive court bookings are not permitted (i.e., 7–8pm and 8–9pm).

No non member bookings are permitted.

Members may not book a court during public hours. Public hours are established by the City of Toronto and are Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00pm and 11:00pm.

Only Club staff/management will be permitted to block book courts for Club programs, special events, tournaments or lessons where a fee is paid directly to the Club.


A Member must make every effort to provide a minimum of 24-hour notice to cancel a tennis court.

Members who fail to show up on time for their court will forfeit their booking after a 10-minute grace period. Repeated no- shows may forfeit court booking privileges at the discretion of the Club’s Board of Directors.


Before entering the court, players are asked to wait behind their court until their court time.

Please wait until a point is over before moving/crossing the court;

Any garbage (e.g., ball tins, grips) should be picked up and placed in the garbage bins located on court.

As a courtesy to other players, cell phone use is strictly prohibited on court. Players are asked to turn off their cell phones or set to silent while on court. In the event you receive a phone call on court, please leave the court area to answer it.

Only non-marking tennis shoes will be permitted for use on the tennis courts. Members without proper tennis shoes will not be permitted to play on courts. Please speak with a Tennis Professional for more information on permitted footwear patterns.


The Club’s Management & Board of Directors shall expressly appoint tennis professionals (and approved contractors), who shall be the exclusive tennis-teaching professionals of the Club. Any other teaching or coaching is strictly prohibited at the Club.


Members are not permitted to adjust or alter the tennis nets at the Club. Members may request net height measurements and adjustments, as required.